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by Ken Ham
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Here at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, there’s always something exciting going on. When you visit you will have an opportunity not only to tour a world-class museum, visit some animals in the petting zoo, stroll through the botanical gardens, recline in our planetarium for an incredible show, but also to participate in hands-on workshops.

Our workshops are very popular with adults and children alike. Kids especially love our Answers for Kids interactive workshops. In a fun way, children will be equipped with solid biblical answers to timeless topics such as dinosaurs, fossils, biblical history, and more.

In Fun with Fossils they’ll learn about the global Flood that formed fossils and even get to take home a shark tooth fossil. Monkey Business teaches young people they aren’t the result of millions of years of evolution but were created specially by God in His image. They’ll also learn to spot the differences between human and ape skulls as they discover how and why we’re different from the apes.

Kids will learn about the days of creation in Fun with Genesis One, and may even get a prize to take home with them. During our annual Christmas Town event in December, our special workshop Christmas Town Kids reminds young people of the greatest gift ever given—Jesus Christ! You can learn more about Answers for Kids on the Creation Museum website.

Two children recently attended one of these workshops, run by Ruth Carter, our volunteer coordinator and a retired nurse, and they loved them. To express their thanks they sent Ruth handmade thank you cards. I thought I would share them with you:

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

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After visiting the Creation Museum, visit the startling life-size Ark only 45 minutes away.

Did They Find a Feathered Dinosaur?

Speaking of answers, I have been asked by many people to comment on a supposed “feathered-dinosaur” find that’s been popular in the news. Well, Dr. David Menton, an anatomist who works for us here at Answers in Genesis (and runs several very popular workshops for kids and adults), has written a response to this find.

His conclusion? The beautiful feathers preserved in amber belonged to a bird, not a dinosaur. Researchers found 1.4 inches of the middle of a tail with feathers and unfused vertebrae, and suddenly it's a dinosaur! Why? Was the evidence irrefutable? Not all! It was only declared a dinosaur because evolutionists clutch at straws. I encourage you to read Dr. Menton’s detailed response available on our website.

You see, to justify their fictional belief that dinosaurs evolved into birds, evolutionists have to “spin this feathered tail.” They are so desperate to brainwash people with a false belief that they make up fanciful stories. Evolutionists have a blind-faith religion with a fictional story they impose on whatever fossil evidence they find. The evidence doesn’t speak for itself. It’s interpreted depending on your worldview.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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