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by Ken Ham
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We live in an increasingly secular day when the world is aggressively trying to capture the hearts and minds of our young people. The media and secular scientists constantly tell us God’s Word can’t be trusted. But there are solid answers to the skeptical questions! Are you prepared with these answers as you seek to share the hope of the gospel?

Well, to help you get equipped, we offer a variety of 100% online, self-paced classes. Through recently updated reading assignments, current videos, quizzes, and instructor interaction in discussion forums, you will be encouraged to boldly stand on the Word of God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in our secular culture.

You will be encouraged to boldly stand on the Word of God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in our secular culture.

Our powerful introductory course, Foundations in Creation Apologetics, provides a firm foundation for the biblical and scientific support for a recent creation and a literal Genesis. It focuses on topics such as the authority of Scripture, the creation/evolution debate, science and Scripture, a biblical worldview, and apologetics. You can even earn three college credits by taking this course (get details on how to earn these credits through God’s Bible School)!

Once you’ve completed the introductory course, we also have more in-depth courses that look specifically at creation apologetics and the Bible, biology, geology, or astronomy (coming in spring 2017).

Our classes are an excellent choice for:

  • Homeschool students (mature junior high or high school). Students will be better prepared to defend what they believe when they go off to a secular high school or college campus.
  • Pastors, youth pastors, Sunday school teachers, and lay church leaders. You will be prepared to be a confident communicator of Scripture and the biblical and scientific evidences that confirm creation.
  • Parents. Your children are growing up in a very skeptical age when God’s Word is constantly under attack. Help prepare your children by training yourself with answers.
  • Public and Christian school teachers. You will be prepared to give your students uncompromising biblical and scientific answers on creation and evolution. You can also earn ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through these courses.
  • Creation speakers/authors. If you want to speak or write on creation issues, these courses provide a solid foundation in the biblical and scientific support of a literal Genesis.

I encourage you to get equipped by enrolling in an online class. Register for our Foundations in Creation Apologetics course before October 31, 2016, to receive 20% off tuition with the code AEO2016. Enroll today or learn more on our website.

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