The Wild Brothers Appear on CBN

by Ken Ham
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There was something “Wild” on television recently. The Wild Brothers, stars of the reality DVD series The Wild Brothers: Adventures in Creation, appeared with their dad, Mike Wild, on the CBN show The 700 Club to talk about growing up as missionary kids in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

We’re very excited about partnering with the Wild family to produce these family-friendly DVD episodes. The Wilds are a homeschool family that serve the Lord as missionaries to an unreached people group in the jungles of Southeast Asia. We’ve partnered with them to produce a reality DVD series about their life in the jungle. The DVDs have been extremely popular with children and parents alike. Kids love the Wild brothers’ crazy adventures, and parents are thrilled with the solid biblical content that helps their kids think biblically about important issues.

You can watch the Wild brothers’ TV segment in this clip:

The Wild brothers also did a Facebook live video with the CBN social media team to answer viewers’ questions. You can watch that below:

If you don’t own the Wild Brothers DVD collection, you’ll want to add it to your home, school, or church library right away. These high-quality episodes are a great way to introduce your kids to the many facets of serving the Lord in missions. As kids watch the show, they will also develop a biblical worldview as they learn about important topics such as creation, death and suffering, world religions, and more, starting with God’s Word.

Visit our online store to learn more and to order the full Wild Brothers collection—including their brand-new adventure Island of the Gods. And be sure to follow the Wild Brothers blog and Facebook page.

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