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by Ken Ham on April 15, 2016

Many times I’ve mentioned the sharp decline of Christianity in the United Kingdom. During my times speaking there, I’ve been saddened to see dozens of churches turned into tattoo parlors, dance studios, or rock climbing gyms instead of houses of worship. I’ve spoken in massive church buildings with only a few people gathered in the front rows to listen. The UK once sent out many of the greatest missionaries of all time, but now it needs missionaries to travel to it and preach the good news!


Reflecting these changes in Britain, Oxford School of Theology, an old center famous for biblical and Christian studies, has grown increasingly liberal. The university has introduced curriculum changes, coming this September, to be “in line with a radically altered religious landscape in Britain and globally.” Instead of largely studying the Bible and Christianity, students can now choose to “acquaint themselves with the study of religions more broadly.” Apparently, the only mandatory classes on the Bible and Christianity will be in the first year, and after that students can choose to study many different religions or movements such as Buddhism, Islam, Feminism, or languages such as Arabic, Sanskrit, or Pali.

These radical changes to Oxford’s theology department accurately reflect the sad reality of religion in Britain and really across the West. Christianity has lost its place of prominence as all religions are increasingly being presented as equally valid. Church attendance in England is down from over 50% at the time of World War II to about 5–7% now. This is the result of the secularization of our Western culture and will likely only continue—unless God’s people return to an uncompromising stand on God’s Word. There’s no doubt that the teaching of evolution and millions of years has been a major part of how generations have become so secularized.

To help reach the UK with the good news of the gospel and biblical authority, many years ago we founded AiG-UK, now headed by Simon Turpin. We thank God for the progress this ministry has made and for the churches that have hosted and promoted AiG events. Please pray that through AiG-UK many people will be influenced with the saving gospel and the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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