Freedom from Religion or Just from Christianity?

by Ken Ham on April 16, 2016

The secular group Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been behind many recent attempts to remove Christian symbols from public and even private places in the United States. They’ve tried to get nativity scenes removed, get Bibles taken out of hotel rooms, have opposed the Ark Encounter project, and much more. Their most recent battle is being fought in a Colorado public school district.

Religious Freedom

This school district, like many others, allows the Gideons to make Bibles available to students. After a complaint from a parent, FFRF and another secular group have been trying to get the school to ban the distribution of Bibles. And their tactic has been to hand out their own atheistic literature as well as satanic pamphlets! The school, which says it can’t discriminate on the type of literature being given out, hasn’t made a decision on whether to change its policy or not.

Although the group’s name is the “Freedom From Religion Foundation,” it’s really not religion in general that this group is fighting against but Christianity in particular. The FFRF leaders claim to want “the school to stop allowing the distribution of religious material altogether,” but they are willing to allow Satanic material to be given out to accomplish this—anything, as long as it’s not the Bible!

And why would they specifically choose something with “an opposite viewpoint” from the Bible to present to students? And why choose to provide “booklets about sex in the Bible”—which, coming from this group, will almost assuredly not treat the Bible’s teaching accurately, fairly, or favorably—and atheistic literature? Well, ultimately they want their religion of secularism and atheism—worldviews which are already being taught in public school classrooms—to be the only religion these students are exposed to. Of course, they claim that atheism is not a religion, but it is! In their worldview, they have faith that somehow the universe came into existence and by natural processes life arose—that is their belief system, their religion.

Now their anti-Christian rhetoric shouldn’t surprise us. The message of Christianity and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is countercultural. Our culture does not like the message that there is only one way of salvation, that they are sinners deserving of punishment, and that they must repent and trust in Christ to be saved. This message has made people angry from the days of Jesus right up until now, and people will not stop fighting it until Jesus returns. Christians certainly will express their disagreement with what these atheist groups believe, while still recognizing that people are free to believe whatever they want in the United States. However, groups like the FFRF are intolerant of Christians themselves, and don’t want Christians to be free to exercise their religion.

Though it’s easy to get angry at groups like FFRF, remember that they aren’t ultimately fighting against us, but against Jesus and His message. And these groups are made up of lost individuals who—like everyone—desperately need the forgiveness and hope that Jesus offers. The very thing they are vehemently fighting against is the only thing they truly need. Please pray that they will see their need and will repent and trust in Jesus Christ.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s team.

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