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Interviewed by Eric Metaxas and Apologia Radio

by Ken Ham on February 25, 2016

At the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention, I was interviewed by author and radio host Eric Metaxas about the history of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. We discussed the topic of Christians who believe in millions of years. I explained why I see this as an authority issue. I showed that Christians who believe in millions of years and evolution have a problem, because if you believe in millions of years, that puts death and disease before sin. That’s a huge theological issue because the Bible makes it clear that death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering are a consequence of sin. These entered the world for the first time when Adam ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden—the origin of sin and death.

Eric Metaxas

I also got to do an interview with the guys from Apologia Radio/TV. We talked about the construction of the life-size Ark, and I was able to hear what they thought of the Ark Encounter design studio where we have numerous talented artists and designers working hard on the exhibits that you’ll see when you visit the 132 Ark bays. Here’s a little of what the guys from Apologia were saying.

The rest of my day was spent interacting with other Christian ministry leaders in interviews for their programs or interacting with convention visitors at the captivating Answers in Genesis/Ark Encounter booth.

Ken with Paul Crouch Jr

Showing photos of the Ark construction to Paul Crouch Jr of The Word Network before an interview.

Jeff Levinson

It was a pleasure to see Jeffrey Levinson of God TV.


Radio interview with TRUNEWS about Ark Encounter opening July 7, 2016.

Dr. Tony Evans

Nice to meet Dr. Tony Evans of The Alternative broadcast. He can’t wait to visit the Ark Encounter.

Book Signing

I also got to do a book signing of my latest coauthored book, Ready to Return.

It’s encouraging to meet and speak with so many Christian leaders of our day. I’m getting to talk about biblical authority and the gospel, plus promote the Creation Museum and the life-size Noah’s Ark, which we believe will be one of the greatest Christian outreaches of our day. These facilities equip Christians to defend the Christian faith against the secular attacks of our day. I explain that when non-Christians come and see that the Bible really can be trusted from the very beginning in Genesis, then our prayer is that they’ll trust the Bible in the Gospels, too, when it speaks about salvation. Keep up with the Ark at and by following @aigkenham on Twitter.

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