Meeting with Christian Media Personalities at NRB

by Ken Ham on February 24, 2016

I’m from Australia; I hate wearing ties, but it’s worth it to get to be here at the National Religious Broadcasters convention meeting up with Christian media personalities. See if you recognize some of these people.

Ken with Oregon Bakers

I’ve met the Oregon bakery owners that were discriminated against when they refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because of their biblical principles.

Benham Brothers

Remember the Benham Brothers who were persecuted for their stand on the Scriptures on HGTV by having their show canceled?

Benham Brothers
June Hunt

Then I ran into June Hunt (whom I like to say I’ve known for millions of years), a wonderful woman of the faith who has a fantastic radio and book ministry.

Ann White

I was interviewed by Ann White of In Grace Ministries for the TV programs Atlanta Live and Faith Factor.

Bob Crittenden

I also met Bob Crittenden, the host of The Meeting House on Faith Radio out of Alabama.

I just love talking about the opening of the Ark Encounter and getting the word out about how this world-class attraction will draw millions of people who will learn that the Bible can be trusted from the very beginning, and that, just like Noah had to go through a door to be saved on the Ark, we have to go through a door to be saved and that door is Jesus Christ.

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