Episcopalian Rector Forced to Resign Over Gay “Marriage”

by Ken Ham on January 14, 2016

Both our government and our culture have been increasingly trying to force people, particularly Christians, to embrace and celebrate gay “marriage,” regardless of what God’s Word plainly teaches. Will the church soon join the list of those forcing believers to choose between supporting gay “marriage” or facing consequences?


Well, according to reports, an Episcopal rector in Louisville, Kentucky—less than two hours from the Creation Museum—has been more or less forced to resign due to the gay “marriage” issue. Episcopalian priests are authorized by the denomination to perform gay “marriages.” The Episcopal Church has a long history with the LGBT issue dating back to 1976, which includes consecrating an openly gay bishop and affirming that transgender individuals can be ordained.

Now, Reverend Jonathon Erdman, the rector of Calvary Church in Louisville, has recently resigned because he says he cannot, in good conscience, perform a gay “marriage” ceremony. He says that he chose to resign because “the vestry opposes my position, and the bishop does not support me in holding it. Therefore, I have no choice but to resign, or contradict my conscience.”

Now, the Episcopal church claims that it honors “theological diversity” and that “no bishop, priest, deacon or lay person should be coerced or penalized in any manner, nor suffer any canonical disabilities, as a result of his or her theological objection to or support for the . . . [gay ‘marriage’ acceptance] resolution."

Well, in this case, it would seem that the denomination basically gave lip service to “theological diversity” and, instead of allowing Erdman to stand on Scripture, he had to resign from his position or “contradict his conscience.” All of this despite the Episcopal church having said that no one would be penalized for disagreeing with the acceptance of gay “marriage.” It appears that they only want diverse opinions that agree with their version of what is right and wrong! We have said all along that the LGBT movement doesn’t want just freedom for their position, but want people to be forced to embrace it—and be penalized/persecuted if they don’t!

This story highlights the increasing compromise within the church. Instead of allowing God’s Word to decide truth and morality, the Episcopal Church leadership has decided to rely on sinful man’s fallible opinions and, in this instance, to punish those who don’t agree with them.

Sadly, this denomination’s compromise on marriage shouldn’t come as a surprise. In their “Catechism of Creation” they write that the Bible tells us what we need to know to be saved but that “we discover scientific knowledge about God’s universe in nature not Scripture.” They accept evolution and the big bang and, in answer to the question of what to do with passages that appear to be scientific, they say that biblical authors wrote in concepts they could understand but that what’s written in God’s Word has been replaced “by succeeding models.” Since they don’t accept a literal Genesis, it’s no surprise that they likewise reject God’s definition of marriage that is grounded in Genesis and creation. Once a person uses man’s fallible opinions to reinterpret God’s Word in Genesis, it only logically follows they will do the same in regard to the doctrine of marriage—and every other doctrine eventually too!

Sadly it’s not just the government and our culture that is trying to force believers to violate their conscience and what God’s Word clearly teaches by accepting gay “marriage.” It’s also the church. As believers, we need to bold in standing on God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Truth is worth fighting for, especially in an age where man has decided that he—not God’s Word—defines truth. Instead of trusting man’s fallible and ever-changing opinions, we need to trust God’s infallible, eternal Word.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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