Pro-Life Clinics Must Advertise Abortion

by Ken Ham on January 13, 2016

Pro-life clinics in California are currently fighting a case for religious liberty. The state, as part of the Reproductive Fact Act, is requiring pro-life clinics to post a sign in a prominent place in their clinic that reads “California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception,) prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office.”


Several pregnancy crisis centers have sued to block the law though, according to reports, it doesn’t look promising. This new law clearly violates the religious freedom and expression of religious pro-life clinics.

The government claims that its purpose is to help women know their options but really it’s just forcing pro-life clinics—most of which offer free services and are non-profits—to advertise something that goes completely against what they believe and practice. Again we’re seeing this theme that “it’s okay to believe what you want but you increasingly don’t have the freedom to express or practice it” in the public sphere. Actually, this is the government facilitating and condoning legalized murder of children on the culture! We need to tell it like it is!

Now, does the state require abortion clinics to post signs about options other than abortion such as adoption or pro-life clinics? Do they have to have signs showing the developmental stages of the baby at various weeks? What about signage telling women that a fetus is not just a clump of cells or tissue but that it’s a unique individual with distinct DNA and genes and made in the image of God? Do they have to show the dangers of abortion or how an abortion really works? Imagine if they showed pictures of a baby being violently ripped from his or her mother’s womb!

Of course, abortion clinics (which are exercising a religion—that man determines the supposed purpose and meaning of life) aren’t required to do any of these things. And yet the state expects religious pro-life ministries—that exist for the purpose of lovingly helping women to consider letting their child live—to basically put up advertisements for abortion, an evil they vehemently oppose! This is incredibly one-sided and shows a clear bias against the pro-life position that is based in God’s Word. Actually we should be saying that this is a battle between religious pro-death clinics and religious pro-life organizations.

As our culture turns farther and farther away from God’s Word, we can only expect this kind of religious (really Christian) discrimination to continue. Please pray for the pro-life clinics in California, that religious liberty will prevail in the courts.

We’re very thankful for the clinics that provide hope and options to women in crisis pregnancies. They truly are saving lives every day. But we also want women who’ve chosen to have an abortion to know about the grace and mercy that Christ offers. Through His death on the Cross and Resurrection, Jesus has provided forgiveness for all sins and offers us the hope of an eternity with Him. That’s the most important message that everyone needs to hear!

Praise be to God that we have freedom through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, we have been freed from the bondage of sin and no longer bound by the law but are covered in the grace of God.

Due to the winter storm, Friday evening’s “No choice but pro life” event at the Creation Museum on January 22, 2016, has been canceled. Watch this video by Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor who was scheduled to speak at the event, as he answers the question: when does life begin?

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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