Student: “I have been lied to my whole life!”

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I recently received an encouraging letter from a pastor who brought his youth group through our Creation Museum on their way home from a youth conference. He was blessed by the museum visit and by the reaction of the young people who were with him. He writes,

A few weeks ago . . . we stopped by the Creation Museum and spent about half of the day. The Museum greatly impacted the hearts and lives of our young people! Many of them attend government schools and have never been exposed to the clear teaching on biblical creation.

As we were getting on the bus to return home, a thirteen year old girl was on the phone with her mom. She explained to her mom, “I found out today that I have been lied to my whole life! I found out the truth today.” I was delighted to see the positive responses so many of our young people had, as their faith was strongly encouraged.

I plan one day to return with my family and others in our church so they can enjoy the great work that God has used you to raise up there at the museum. Thank you again for the excellent experience. Our faith has been strengthened.

— J. S., pastor

I have met many students over the years who, once their eyes have been opened concerning how they’ve been brainwashed by the government-run public schools, TV, magazines and so on in evolution, realize they have been “lied to” concerning their origins. I love to hear testimonies from young people who have been impacted by the Answers in Genesis ministry and the Creation Museum. So many of them really become “on fire” for the Lord.

I encourage you to consider bringing your youth group to the Creation Museum—it's sure to be a life-changing experience for them. And there’s no better time than this year. For all of 2015 we have a special Two Buy Two promotion in honor of the life-size Ark project that will open late summer 2016—buy two tickets, and get two tickets free! (The “two buy two” phrase alludes to Genesis 7:9, where the passage describes the animals entering the Ark “two by two.”) This promotion was specifically designed so you can bring as many young people to the Creation Museum as possible, so be sure to come “two by two.”

Many groups of young people spend at least two days at the Creation Museum (every ticket is a two-day ticket) and also use the spectacular zip line course—the biggest and best in the Midwest And during the whole month of October, 2015, kids are free* in celebration of Alien Invasion at the Creation Museum!

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*See website for details.

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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