Explaining the Economic Benefit of the Ark at Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

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This morning I had the privilege of addressing the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce at its regular breakfast meeting, where I gave an update on the life-size Noah’s Ark construction and the incredible future economic impact this is going to have on the state of Kentucky and especially Northern Kentucky, as well as the neighboring states of Ohio and Indiana.

We have already heard of a number of hotels and restaurants that will now be developed in Williamstown, Kentucky, where the Ark is being built. Many people at the breakfast commented that they had not realized the remarkable economic benefit this should be for the area.

Ken Ham at the Chamber of Commerce

I spoke to a number of reporters after the presentation, and the following is an article that was posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer website about my Ark presentation. This will also give you additional information about the Ark project. I encourage you to read the article.

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