A Major Wake-Up Call to the Church

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My new book Ready to Return—Bringing Back the Lost Generation has arrived in AiG’s warehouse. I was thrilled to receive a copy yesterday. This book deals specifically with research conducted on the 20s generation (also known as “millennials” who regularly attend church, and what they believe. The results are very revealing and shocking. There is an incredible mission field inside our churches—but it needs a correct approach based on a real understanding of where these twenty-somethings (primarily the millennial generation) are at in their thinking.

Ken with Ready to Return

This is a really a sequel to the book Already Gone. In that book, I dealt with the twenty-somethings who used to attend church, but no longer do. Many Christian leaders told me this book revolutionized their Sunday school/Bible classes, evangelistic outreaches, and so on.

I believe this new book will be a real eye-opener for parents and Christian leaders, and I pray will be a major wake-up call to the church about the twenty-somethings still sitting in our churches.

The subtitle, Bringing Back the Lost Generation, really summarizes the fact that many of the twenty-somethings in our churches have lost a Christian worldview because they have lost their foundation in the authority of the Word of God. And over time they are going to fundamentally change the church and culture.

Actually, Already Gone and Ready to Return are part of a trilogy—the other book being Already Compromised, which deals with the sad state of Christian colleges, Christian universities, and seminaries—and is also very revealing and shocking.

These three books really cut to the heart of the current sad state of Christendom in America—actually reflecting the whole Western world. Our researchers, America’s Research Group, did not set out just to find out what people believe, but why they believe the way they do and how it happened. I believe this is some of the most detailed research conducted on the churchgoers to get to the root of the problem as to why so many young people have left the church, why so many in the church are very secular in their thinking, and why the church is not reaching the culture from a Christian perspective as it once did.

You can obtain the book and more information on our online store—as well as all three books (called “Ready for Reformation” set) at a special price.

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