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Over the years I have had a few opportunities to meet an extraordinary young man, Cooper, who lives in Northern California. He has attended many of our AiG events in the San Francisco Bay area, and his achievements have been such (he’s only 21) that I blogged about him a few years ago.

This computer whiz and Eagle Scout is active in teaching creation apologetics in his heavily secularized area, and one of his teaching tools is a Rubik’s Cube. He has the extraordinary ability to speak to an audience and complete the highly complicated Rubik’s Cube in as little as 22 seconds!

Over the years, I have encouraged Cooper to visit our Creation Museum, over 2,000 miles away. When he was in Tennessee for a wedding recently, he made the four-hour drive to tour the museum with his parents. It was great to bump into this fine young man, who absolutely loved the quality of the museum (as did his parents).

Here’s a photo taken of Cooper and me inside the museum.

Ken with Cooper

As my new book Ready to Return has recently been published, which deals with the twenty-somethings in our churches and their lack of Bible instruction, it is so encouraging to know that this young man is standing up for the authority of God’s Word when so many young adults in our churches, not having training in apologetics and a biblical worldview, are floundering.

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