1/5 of the Ark Taking Shape

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I was at the life-size Noah's Ark site in Northern Kentucky recently (I went down as soon as I arrived back from Missouri) to do a short promotion video, and here are some photos that were taken while I was there.

Ken Ham at Ark Site Ken Ham at Ark Site Ark Construction Update

The Middle Tower (and the East Tower behind it) almost ready for the roof.

Ark Construction Update

They have begun construction of the timber sections for the roof and now have the first one in place.

Ark Construction Update

Workers have begun construction on the piers for the bow.

Ark Construction Update

More decking and more of the exterior on the section of Ark on the platform

The people in some of the photographs will help you understand the scale of this gigantic structure. The timber frame section represents about 1/5 of the Ark itself—the other 4/5 will go up very quickly over the next two months.

Keep up to date at ArkEncounter.com. The Ark Encounter will likely open late summer 2016.

If you have questions about Noah and the Flood, and the construction of this Ark, you can learn the answers to some of the common claims on our website.

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