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by Ken Ham on August 15, 2015

During the summer months many families take advantage of the sunshine to go on a vacation. But as they tour around the country, many Christian families are disappointed by the amount of evolutionary indoctrination found at national parks, museums, and other vacation destinations. What if you could view and enjoy some of these same sites without the evolutionary teaching and instead see them through the lens of God’s Word and a biblical worldview?

Well, our good friend Eric Hovind at Creation Today told us about a site that will help you do just that. The website,, describes itself as “the one-stop site to visit creation museums all over the country . . . And increasingly growing to other parts of the world! Also book guided creation tours of so called secular places and see other museums, the Grand Canyon, monuments, & underwater caverns (to name a few) the way God intended.” features an interactive world map that shows you where some of the creation museums and creation vacations are to be found all over the world. This website also features guided creation tours and creation events such as speaking events and creation conferences. It’s a great website to find out what creation events are happening in your area or around your vacation destination (or along the way!).1

I encourage you to check out to plan your next creation adventure. You can also learn more about creation vacations at our special webpage here or see national treasures and natural wonders through a biblical worldview here. And be sure to include a trip to the world-class Creation Museum here in northern Kentucky in your creation vacation if you can—all year come 2 Buy 2! When you buy two tickets, you get two free! You can also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing the life-size Noah’s Ark under construction right off I-75 and south of Cincinnati. You can learn more about visiting the Ark site here. You can also use some of our popular resources like our Zoo Guide, National Park Guidebooks, Creation Audio Tours Set, or our Museum Guide.

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  1. Just note that since we have not visited all of these places, we cannot vouch for the viewpoints or beliefs presented.

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