Come “2 Buy 2” to the Creation Museum

on January 23, 2015

If your family has been wanting to take a trip to Northern Kentucky to see the state-of-the-art Creation Museum, then be sure to come “2 Buy 2” this year! Following on the heels of last year’s hugely successful “Kids Free 2014” Creation Museum promotion is this year’s “2 Buy 2” campaign. When you visit the Creation Museum as a family in 2015 and buy two General Admission tickets, you get two tickets of equal or lesser value free!

Last year for “Kids Free 2014” we saw a huge amount of kids ages 12 and under come through the Creation Museum! This year we want to help those who have older children be able to visit. In college, many young people will face an attack on their faith. Atheistic professors aggressively mock and degrade the Bible and the Christian faith in the classroom. Even in a Christian college students may see their faith questioned. Many Christian professors have compromised on biblical authority and teach students that it’s alright to accept man’s ideas of evolution and millions of years over what God clearly told us in Genesis. These professors are teaching the next generation to distrust and reinterpret God’s Word from the beginning. The tragedy is that many students who go off to college—even Christian colleges—come back shaken or having walked away from the Christian faith.

Equip your high school and college-age students to defend their faith.

We encourage you to equip your high school and college-age students to defend their faith against the attacks they will undoubtedly encounter and are probably already encountering. A trip to the Bible-upholding Creation Museum will encourage them to start their thinking with God’s Word, not man’s fallible ideas. They will clearly see how the evidence actually confirms God’s Word, not man’s ideas about the past.

The “2 Buy 2” promotion is also in honor of the upcoming Ark Encounter. Construction is ongoing and you can expect the full-size Noah’s Ark to open in 2016. So we encourage you to come to the Creation Museum “2 Buy 2” in 2015!

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