What Is the Greatest Investment You Can Make?

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I believe the greatest investment we can ever make is this: one that affects hearts and minds for eternity!

We at Answers in Genesis are so thankful for our dedicated donors who partner with us to help us spread the message of biblical authority and reliability, and the gospel. This is so important in a time when secularists and the media are increasingly attacking the truth and accuracy of God’s Word, especially in Genesis. And we can only do what we do in equipping the church because of the generosity of our supporters.

Now, did you know that we have what are called “planned giving” opportunities? These options make partnering with us in spreading the creation/gospel message easier than ever. With your help, we are working to strengthen the church and provide answers to the skeptical questions of this age to help children, teens, and adults not to doubt (and subsequently disbelieve) the Word of God. We also challenge non-Christians concerning the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

More than ever, we need to equip parents and the church, especially to teach young people to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning. In today’s day and age over two-thirds of young people by college age are walking away from the church and often the faith. Sadly, those young people who are remaining are so influenced by the world that there is little difference in much of their thinking than that of a secular person. These young people need to be taught how to think biblically with a firm foundation, beginning in Genesis. And you can partner with us to help us do that! There are a variety of ways to plan for your family and loved ones, while supporting the work of the Lord with a bequest through your will or living trust, a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, and other planning options. We encourage you to learn more about the many benefits of making a planned gift. Discover the planned giving options at GenesisGift.org.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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