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Around two-thirds of our young people in America are leaving the church when they go to college—with very few returning. But, as my coauthored book Already Gone detailed, most of these young people aren’t choosing to leave because their faith was attacked in college—they are “already gone” in middle school and high school! These young people are not being taught in their home or church to defend their faith against the attacks of secularists. And that is a major reason why so many of them are doubting the trustworthiness and accuracy of God’s Word.

Rather than being taught to know why they believe God’s Word, and that they can have answers to today’s skeptical questions, the young people are largely being taught unconnected Bible “stories” with moral lessons, and this isn’t helping them to see the big picture of the Bible or understand how it is real history that connects to the real world. In contrast, they are taught from an early age from the media, in public schools, museums, and so on that the Bible cannot be trusted and science has disproved the history of origins detailed in God’s Word. These findings were a huge burden to us at Answers in Genesis.

That’s where the idea for came from. We wanted to develop a Sunday school curriculum that churches could use to help equip their children, teens, and adults to stand on the authority of God’s Word, to know what the Bible teaches, and why they believe it. ABC is a three-year Sunday school curriculum written by Answers in Genesis that teaches the Bible chronologically. Students will not only learn what God’s Word says but they will also be encouraged to trust God’s Word from the very beginning with solid apologetic materials. The lessons are synchronized across age groups so mom, dad, and kids of all ages can all learn the same material at the same time—just at different depths! This encourages family discussion and discipleship. The age range is pre-school through adult.

Well, we recently conducted an anonymous survey of ABC users to see what people are saying about the curriculum. And ABC has received rave reviews! Here are just a few of the comments we received back:

I appreciate the way ABC combines Bible, theology, history, & apologetics in a way that is informative, understandable, retainable & relevant. Highly, highly recommend!!
The content couldn't be better. An in depth study of the Bible, not presented as “stories”, rather as Truth. I couldn't ask for a better curriculum.
This is excellent curriculum. After switching, we have seen an increase in our children’s discipleship and understanding of God’s Word.
ABC emphasizes the foundation of the Bible, gives students important doctrinal lessons such as Trinity, hermeneutics, inerrancy of scripture, Christology, and most importantly a clear gospel presentation built into each lesson.
The information has started a movement about the age of the earth. Area teachers are commenting about how the students are voicing that the earth isn’t millions of years old but only 6000. The students are telling the class that the Bible tells the age of the earth.
The students I have taken through the Answers curriculum have not been exposed to such in-depth, truthful teaching. They are thirsty for the Word!!!
The teacher preparation section (Prepare to Share) is fantastic and biblically sound. I love how grounded each lesson is in scripture. I’m learning right along with my students!
I have used several different curriculums over the years but this is the first curriculum that I feel like I'm learning with the kids. I look forward to prepping my lessons because I know I'm going to gain new insight each time.
Since we switched to ABC we have seen twice as many kids make decisions for Christ and the growth in all kids as we determine to make disciples.
We love how the material is Christ centered and it shows the children that they can trust what the Scriptures say, all of what the Scriptures say!

I encourage you to order your Answers Bible Curriculum kit today!

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