More Erosion of the Free Exercise of Religion in Kentucky and New Jersey

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Reporter Bob Unruh, who has written very accurate reports on Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter, has written an article on the WND website with the title, “State Forbids Pastors Calling Homosexuality ‘Sinful.’

The article states the following:

The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality “sinful” and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements.

The policy was uncovered by Liberty Counsel, which has sent a letter to Bob Hayter, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, demanding that the state religious test be dropped and that a dismissed counselor be reinstated.

“Liberty Counsel writes regarding the blatantly unconstitutional revocation of volunteer prison minister status of ordained Christian minister David Wells, who has provided voluntary spiritual counseling and mentorship to juvenile inmates under the control of the Department of Juvenile Justice. … This revocation was issued by Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center on the basis of the April 4, 2014, DJJ Policy 912, which mandates full DJJ support of homosexuality and transvestism. …

The policy states that DJJ staff, volunteers and others “shall not imply or tell LGBTQI juveniles that they are abnormal, deviant, sinful or that they can or should change their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

A second item in the same article states the following:

Most recently, it was a judge’s “bias” toward homosexuality that prompted a jury to award about $72,000 to plaintiffs who sued under a New Jersey consumer fraud law.

They claimed their counseling sessions aimed at getting rid of unwanted same-sex attractions failed, according to a licensed counselor.

You can read many more details of this report about these two items here.

There are no doubt more instances like this happening across the country—and we can expect many more to come. There is no doubt that more and more, the freedom of religion and the free exercise of religion are being restricted in this nation.

I also want to refer you back to what I included in a recent article I wrote:

As one writer stated in an article titled, “Ending Tax Exemption means Ending Churches,” “Legal gay marriage is not the endgame for the gay-rights movement. It never was. Moral approval is the endgame. The agenda is not tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles. The agenda is a demand that everyone get on board with the moral revolution or be punished. That means if you or your church won’t get with the program, then the revolutionaries will endeavor to close you down.”

You can read my entire article here.

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