New Resource to Lovingly Challenge the Homosexual Issue

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With the recent SCOTUS decision to legalize gay “marriage,” homosexuality is a hotter topic than ever before. As a Christian, you are sure to be asked your opinion on the decision over the coming weeks and months. It’s important that, as Christians, we are thoroughly prepared to answer this question in a loving and truthful fashion with uncompromising and solid answers from God’s Word (1 Peter 3:15), as we point people toward the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, to help equip you to answer questions about biblical marriage and a biblical stance on homosexuality, we recently started carrying in our online store a brand-new DVD from our friends at Living Waters called Audacity. Living Waters, Ray Comfort’s ministry, is the same group that produced the award-winning Evolution vs. God and Noah—and the Last Days. Their newest production—their first-ever scripted short film with professional actors—tackles the issue of homosexuality in a caring and godly way, in a culture that has turned away from a biblical worldview. It’s a powerful and intriguing movie that is sure to challenge you. And, like all of the Living Waters productions, it’s an excellent resource to share with others!

You can order Audacity as an instant download or you can preorder the DVD, which ships in August. Or, better yet, order them as a bundle! You will not be disappointed with this faith-affirming film.

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