Is He Kidding?

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Actually, he’s not!

The Roanoke Times website this week printed a review of Bill Nye’s new book (Undeniable) by Bob Benoit, an emeritus professor of microbiology at Virginia Tech.

Sometimes I just shake my head at the ridiculous statements made as such people want so much to push the religion of evolution. For instance, in this item, the reviewer states:

Bill Nye makes an eloquent case for evolution. His experience making 747s at Boeing allows him to present the geological record and fossil evidence in an accessible and direct style.

Now Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer—and no doubt a very good one. For instance, while working at Boeing, he was able to develop a resonance suppressor making use of hydraulic pressure which apparently is still a part of today’s Boeing 747.

Now, such engineering work is using what is called observational (or experimental) science. This is the type of science (involving observation, experimentation, repeatable testing, using one’s five senses, and so on) that develops technology. It doesn’t matter whether one is an atheist or Christian, a creationist or evolutionist, a person can be good at observational science.

But then the reviewer claims that "Bill Nye makes an eloquent case for evolution" and his expertise in engineering as part of his work with Boeing “allows him to present the geological record and fossil evidence in an accessible and direct style” This is frankly ridiculous. As I pointed out during the debate, when dealing with the past when one was not there to directly observe, this is called “historical science.”

Once again, evolutionists are attempting to indoctrinate the public to believe that there is no distinction between observational and historical science. This is because they don’t want to admit they have beliefs about the past (actually, their religion to explain life by natural processes). If they did admit this, then they would have to admit that a religion (the religion of naturalism or atheism) is being imposed on generations of kids in science classes in public schools—which is exactly what is happening.

Once again, as I’ve done many times, and as I did at the debate, I challenge Bill Nye (and this emeritus professor from Virginia Tech) with this question:

Can you name one piece of technology that could only have been developed starting with a belief in molecules-to-man evolution?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Molecules to man evolution is a religion—the religion of naturalism, and has zero to do with science that builds technology.

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