Is Biblical Creation Good Science?

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Secularists like Bill Nye “the Science Guy” are increasingly saying that those who hold to the biblical creation model are anti-science or that they deny science. They claim that evolutionists have “science” but biblical creationists just have faith. But this is simply not true. Biblical creationists use and love science!

Two Different Kinds of Science

While we do not deny science, what we do deny are the worldview-based assumptions behind the ideas of millions of years and evolution. You see, there are two different kinds of science— observational and historical science. Observational science deals with the present and is directly testable, observable, and repeatable. This is the kind of science that develops our technology and medical innovations. Creationists and evolutionists both agree on this kind of science. However, historical science is something very different. Historical science deals with the past and is therefore not directly testable, observable, or repeatable. So what you believe about the past is going to determine how you interpret the past. The evidence doesn’t speak for itself—it must be interpreted, and what you believe about the past determines that interpretation.

Creationists and evolutionists reach different conclusions about historical science and what happened in the past because we have completely different starting points. Evolutionists start with man’s word about the past. But man is fallible and wasn’t there in the beginning. But biblical creationists start with the Word of the perfect, infallible God who was there and who clearly told us how He created in Genesis. We can trust the history in the Bible because God never lies (Titus 1:2). Since we have two totally different starting points, we reach totally different conclusions about what happened in the past. It isn’t a battle of science verses faith or science versus the Bible. It’s a battle over two different interpretations of the past!

Is the Biblical Creation Model Good Science?

So is the biblical creation model good science? Absolutely! The observational evidence confirms God’s Word—not evolutionary ideas about the past—over and over again. And biblical creationists have made many successful predictions. For example, using a biblical model for the age of the Earth, creation physicist Dr. Russ Humphreys successfully predicted the strength of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune before their strengths were known. When they were finally able to measure the magnetic fields of these distant planets, the measurements matched Dr. Humphrey’s predictions! This is just one example of how the biblical creation model was confirmed by the observational evidence. God’s Word provides us with the true history of the world, and we can trust it from the very beginning.

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