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My brother Stephen is in Italy this week and has sent me this exciting report:

God has given us cause for great excitement today. We have just met with a group of seven Italian men who have committed themselves before God to form a creation/apologetics group in Italy called The Biblical Creation Committee-Italy. These men met with me and we discussed a process for Answers in Genesis to help them form and grow a creationist ministry to the church. What a joy it was to hear them express their hearts’ desire to glorify God through a passion to support and equip Bible-believing churches in Italy in defending biblical authority and have more confidence in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Each of these men, Ken, showed great passion and love for the church and the gospel, and each articulated a real burden to fight the humanistic ideas of evolution and millions of years, which are hurting the witness of the church. After much discussion about a process for formation and growth, the group agreed on BCC-Italy documents. Jim Gardner (president of Canopy Ministries in the USA and an AiG adjunct speaker) then prayed for the men and asked God to bless this very important work.

I am thanking God today. He has given seven men a clear burden to stand on the authority of His Word to help counter Italy's fastest-growing philosophies of agnosticism and occultism. Those Italians willing to take on the description of “Christian” (even many in the Roman Catholic Church don’t want the label) are decreasing in this country. Protestant denominations have been plagued by liberalism, and thus the need for a ministry to help the church become stronger is greater.

This weekend, we are taking part in what some people tell me is the very first general, non-technical Italian creation conference, held  just outside of Rome. What a start for this committee and what a thrill to be part of such an important ministry for this country where millions have been misled by tradition, superstition, atheism, occultism, and even eastern mysticism. Please join me in thankfulness to God for stirring the hearts of these dear men.

We at Answers in Genesis are always amazed at the ways God works to spread the influence of biblical creation ministries, including outside the USA. I encourage you to pray for these men as they seek to be a witness in yet another culture that is eroding the authority of God’s Word.

Also, check out the Answers Worldwide section on the AiG website, to learn more about our outreach around the world:

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