Stop Mything the Boat!

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As we come closer to the summer groundbreaking for our evangelistic Ark Encounter project, I’ve noticed that atheists, and even many Christians, don’t understand what Noah’s Ark really looked like. They also don’t realize that it really was possible for Noah to take and care for his family and the many animal kinds that would have been on the Ark.

In our staff meeting this week, Dan Lietha, AiG’s cartoonist and illustrator, gave an excellent talk on his research into portrayals of the Ark as what we at AiG call “bathtub arks.” As Dan explains, numerous Christians have fallen prey to showing Noah’s Ark as a small “fairy tale” ark with animals crowded around the top. But that’s nothing like the Bible’s description of Noah’s Ark—and it leads many children to think that the account of the Flood is just a myth.

We trust that the Ark Encounter teaches believers and unbelievers alike that Noah’s Ark was not only real, but a much more complex and amazing structure than it’s typically shown to be today. I encourage you to watch this 20-minute video presentation of Dan Lietha’s talk, titled “Stop Mything the Boat”:

With his talk to our staff, Dan was actually expanding on an article he wrote for Answers magazine several years ago, called Mything the Boat: How the World See Noah’s Ark. If you want to read more equipping and insightful articles, subscribe to our family friendly Answers magazine today!

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This post was written with the assistance of Steve Golden.

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