Yet Another Hollywood Deception to Promote the Noah Movie

by Ken Ham

Well, Paramount has done it again! The studio has produced a new trailer for the Noah movie (to be released in theaters March 28) that I believe is really another Hollywood deception (like the previous video clip). It’s designed to make Christians think this Noah movie accurately portrays the account of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood in the Bible—which it certainly does not. (See my previous blog post on the film that was previewed by one of our staff members a few months ago.)

The new video trailer is described this way:

The video . . . features a short introduction from actress Emma Watson. In the movie, Watson’s character Ila is the adopted daughter of Academy Award winners Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly; Crowe stars in the title role and Connelly plays his wife Naameh.

The story of this movie is based on the famous biblical tale, “Noah’s Ark.” Director Darren Aronofsky worked on the screenplay with long-time collaborator Ari Handel. The movie will be released on March 28, 2014.

You can view the new video trailer at this link.

I believe this trailer is deliberately trying to convince Christians to support the movie. When you watch the trailer, you really do get the idea this film will portray Noah and the events of the Flood accurately—but that is far from the truth. This clip is really a Hollywood deception to get churches to support this very unbiblical movie.

In a previous blog post about the Noah film, I identified several items in the movie that contradict the biblical account:

  • Noah’s family only consists of his wife, three sons, and one daughter-in-law, contrary to the Bible.
  • “Rocks” (that seem to be fallen angels) build the Ark with Noah!
  • A wounded Tubal-Cain axes his way inside the Ark in only about ten minutes and then hides inside. Tubal-Cain then convinces the middle son to lure Noah to the bottom of the Ark in order to murder him (because he was not allowed a wife in the Ark). Tubal-Cain stays alive by eating hibernating lizards. The middle son of Noah has a change of heart and helps kill Tubal-Cain instead.

The movie also has an over-the-top emphasis on environmentalism—animals are much more important than people, for example. That is an underlying theme that is meant to indoctrinate people into extreme environmentalism.

Noah, who is portrayed as a very angry man, repeatedly tells his family that they were the last generation and were never to procreate. So when his daughter-in-law becomes pregnant, he vows to murder his own grandchild (again, animals are more important to preserve than people). This is so different from the biblical Noah, who is described in Hebrews 11 as a man who did things with reverence. The Bible also tells us that Noah was a preacher of righteousness.

In a Newsmax interview, I indicated to the reporter that some people say they could use the film as a springboard for evangelism. But I shared with the reporter that ultimately the Noah film deviates so much from the Bible, that, for non-Christians who do watch it, the movie would probably do more harm than good. I stated to Newsmax, “Sure, after watching the film, people could be directed to read the true story for themselves in the Bible. . . . But in this day and age, young people have a hard time deciphering reality from fiction and don’t often take the time to form their own educated opinions.”

While I have watched Bible-themed Hollywood films that have had some problems with them, they still could be used as conversation starters for evangelism. But I can’t say that for Noah—the problems are such that the film could be counterproductive for non-Christians to watch. In the Newsmax article, I’m also quoted stating this:

In the movie, it seems Noah is a far cry from the Noah of the Bible. He’s angry, even crazy . . . . It makes a mockery of Noah’s righteous nature and is actually anti-biblical. . . . [In the Hollywood version] he’s a delusional, conflicted man, more concerned about the environment, animals, and even killing his own grandchild than he is with his family and his relationship with God.

You can read the whole Newsmax article here.

To help families respond to this movie that makes such a mockery of the Flood account and the person of Noah, we have put together a “Ham and Comfort” video package for you to consider obtaining, instead of wasting money by going to the theater and watching such a pagan Hollywood version of Noah. Already, Ray Comfort (Living Waters Ministry) and AiG are receiving great feedback from the Ham and Comfort DVD set, like this comment:

Really, the Paramount Pictures movie itself is a demonstration of 2 Peter 3, where we read of scoffers who will mock the biblical account of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood. Let’s pray that more Christian leaders will take a stand against this Hollywood movie that makes a mockery of the Christian message, and that they will work hard instead to teach generations the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel. We are talking about people’s eternity—let’s get serious about it.

Instead of supporting an unbiblical movie, I suggest you save your money—and if you want to support something that stands for the truth of God’s Word, then support the new DVD by Ray Comfort and the package Living Waters and AiG have put together. Certainly many people will see the Noah movie. We urge you to be equipped and ready to tell them the truth about Noah—especially the truth about our “Ark of Salvation,” the Lord Jesus Christ.

Make sure you order your Ham and Comfort DVD video set (with a companion guide PDF download) today.

As I alluded to above, I know there are Christians and church leaders claiming the movie can be used to witness to non-Christians. But personally, I really wonder how many Christians will actually do this! It’s one thing to claim it can be used as an evangelistic tool—it’s another thing to actually use it as such! For those Christians who do believe they can use it as a witnessing tool, I do hope they have studied hard and know how to defend the Christian faith with answers to questions about the Ark and the Flood. I urge them to read the articles from the AiG website so they can be informed and equipped.

I must admit, I get a little frustrated at times by certain pastors and other Christian leaders. I have seen quite a number of them stating that the Noah movie can be used in evangelism, and they encourage Christians to support this movie.

You know, it struck me that this movie is over two hours long, yet I often find that when I go to a church to speak, I am told I can only have 35–40 minutes to teach the truth of God’s Word. I am grateful for any opportunity to present the creation/gospel message, but I wonder why there are pastors who will encourage their people to sit through (and pay for) a movie that is more than two-hours long—with incredibly unbiblical content!

By the way, I heard one person who works in Hollywood state that to fill over two hours for this movie, the filmmakers had to add lots of fictional items. However, our friends at the Sight and Sound Theaters (in Missouri and Pennsylvania) produced a dynamic biblically themed musical (with incredible stage sets) of about two hours long—and they were able to honor the truth of God’s Word! Hollywood could do the same, if they wanted to. But they aren’t in the business of making movies to proclaim the truth of God’s Word but for entertainment and to make money.

Again I urge you to obtain the Ham and Comfort video package and then use the truth of the account of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood to reach people with the saving gospel message.

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