Testing Evolution Shows that Evolution Fails!

by Ken Ham on March 18, 2014

In the Answers in Genesis web store, you’ll find many excellent resources that will equip you and your family to respond to the claims raised by skeptics. One of our newest resources to distribute is Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws with Dr. Kevin Anderson, the director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center in Arizona. Published by Evidence Press, this DVD challenges many of the common claims made by evolutionists and examines the scientific evidence from the biblical viewpoint.

Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws

In the DVD, Dr. Anderson answers the following questions:

  • Are humans and chimps only 1–2% different?
  • Is the human genome 98% junk, as claimed?
  • Is Mitochondrial Eve evidence for evolution?
  • What are some recent discoveries regarding our chromosomes?
  • What should be done about creation in public schools?
  • Does the creation topic really matter?
The description from our web store explains the DVD this way:
Evolutionary ideas have changed a great deal in the last few years. It was once thought that human DNA is primary junk. For many years "Mitochondrial Eve" was presented as compelling evidence for naturalistic evolution. In addition, the purportedly small 1–2% difference between humans and chimps was declared as fact. However, these arguments have recently been completely reversed. This DVD reveals the rest of the story. Jim Bendewald interviews professor of biology Dr. Kevin Anderson in this video revealing the amazing turn of events.
Testing Evolution will certainly strengthen your faith and is a great tool to share with those who may doubt God’s Word in Genesis. I encourage you to visit our website and order Testing Evolution today.

Testing Cosmological Evolution

I encourage you to read two special web articles this week, both related to astronomy. On Monday, our astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner reported on yesterday’s press conference that supposedly offered evidence of the big bang. Also, today Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell continues her episode-by-episode critique of the new Cosmos TV series.

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