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Last weekend, AiG had a booth at the Cincinnati Hispanic Fest—held about a 20-minute drive from our northern Kentucky offices and Creation Museum. As I reported on Monday, staff and volunteers passed out a lot of literature, including free copies our twelve new witnessing booklet in Spanish.  Here is a sample of a booklet Where Did Cain Get His Wife? that drew the most interest at the Fest:

Spanish-language Where did Cain get his wife?

Also, staff and volunteers engaged people of all ages in conversation. We also invited people to the Creation Museum for our Latin Day on November 2. Our Spanish ministry coordinator Joe Owen, who speaks fluent Spanish, manned the booth, along with some volunteers. Here is a photo of Joe:

Hispanic Festival Joe Owen

He sent me this exciting report about the two-day event, and some prayer requests:

The Hispanic Outreach of Answers in Genesis, after some initial baby steps, took its first real step into the Spanish-speaking world by engaging the visitors of Hamilton County’s “Hispanic Fest Cincinnati” this past weekend, Sept. 7–8. On Saturday and Sunday, Steve Ham, Steve Fazekas, and I (with my wife Maria and two daughters), and three members of my church, introduced hundreds of Spanish-speaking folks to our Creation Museum and gave out rack cards with a $10 museum entrance coupon on them. About 95 percent of the people we spoke to had never heard of such a place—and so close to home! At least 10 people said that they have seen our zip line billboards all around the region and indicated that they had wanted to visit.

Sparks of hope lit up the fairgrounds as I witnessed many people wandering around the tents holding Creation Museum rack cards and tri-folds in their hands. Such a view translates to me well, and it should to you: a people group of which 85 to 90 percent has never heard the gospel message were seen holding a Creation Museum coupon that, if redeemed, will further expose them to a message upholding the authority of the Bible and pointing to salvation in Christ alone.

On November 2, the Creation Museum’s “Latin Day” will be full of fun, information, and wonder . . . in Spanish! At 1 PM, the guests will hear a talk that connects Genesis to Jesus Christ, which will be presented clearly and biblically.

Steve Ham and I had the pleasure of meeting a 20-year-old man from Spain at the fest. He came to our booth to find out where we stand on evolution and spirituality. Steve and I spoke with him for quite some time, only to find out that he is from a family that is half Mormon. He had left his homeland and was adverse to any religiosity. He had very mystical, New Age views of the world. It was a learning experience for me to watch Steve Ham walk him from his subjective metaphysical “foundation” to an objective, biblical approach on which to firmly stand. I do not believe that it would be an exaggeration to say that he was at our booth for an hour, with many “light-bulb” moments. He left with a Bible in one hand, booklets and a prepaid museum ticket in the other, a smile on his face, and a few new friends. Please pray for the salvation of Chris as he searches through the Scriptures.

Steve Fazekas, my wife, and I came upon a vender who decided to drill us for 20 minutes about the only name by which God should be called: Jehovah. We allowed her to get it off of her chest without interruption and then opened the Gospel of John. It never ceases to amaze me how God pins people with His Word. Lilia has been studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses for 15 years and has never heard of being born again! We spoke with her for as long as her male coworker allowed (until he gently told her to go back to work), and we left a pensive lady at her booth who was obviously impacted by the two-edged Sword.

There were many other encounters, such as the crowds forming around my wife as she walked people through the gospel by engaging them with pointed questions before opening the Word and (bless her heart) sharing the gospel with a local bishop!

These are only a few examples of the many opportunities that God created for us. All that was done was bathed in prayer, in His name, for His glory, and is being followed up with more prayer.

Thank you for praying with us about ministry reaching out to the Hispanic community. Please pray that God would bless the museum’s “creation evangelism” outreach on November 2.  Also pray that the many Hispanic churches that come to the museum would be strengthened in their faith and more equipped to evangelize their communities.

At our Thursday staff meeting, my brother Steve shared more about our outreaches to Spanish speakers. That includes my upcoming speaking ministry in Bolivia and Mexico. Last Monday, I blogged about the many new resources we have in Spanish.

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