A Prayer of Death in the Religion of Death

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Would you believe me if I told you there were people who were praying—yes, praying—that God would help them to murder children? I'm sure you would be horrified at such a suggestion and say that this could not be so—but it is!

Last month Iowa Democrats gathered at the state capitol for a rally, and they opened the rally in prayer. They prayed that God would expand abortion rights.

Midge Slater, a liberal political activist who offered the prayer, thanked God for abortion rights and asked for the protection of doctors who perform abortions. Here is some of what she said during her prayer:

We give thanks, O Lord, for the doctors, both current and future, who provide quality abortion care, and pray that they may be kept safe.

We pray for the 45 million American women who have had safe, legal abortions. May they stand tall and refuse shame.

We pray for elected officials, that they may always support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.

Now abortion is killing a human being. So this prayer is nothing less than asking God to help mothers murder their babies!

You may be shocked by this prayer—but really, should we be so shocked in today’s world?

I highly suspect that the person who offered this “prayer,” and those with her, believe in evolution. After all, this is taught as fact in most public school classes, museums, newspapers, and in many TV documentaries.

Now think about it: Evolution teaches that death is part of how life evolved—death has always been here. The evolutionary belief is that over millions of years of death, disease, violence, and suffering, life evolved. For those who claim to be Christians yet believe in evolution, they are therefore saying that God used death, disease, violence, and suffering over millions of years to evolve humans. This means God called that “very good” because God describes everything He created as “very good” in Genesis 1:31.

Actually, I call evolution “the religion of death” because that is what it is! And for those Christians (or those who claim to be Christians) who believe in evolution, they are blaming God for death, disease, and suffering—instead of blaming our sin. The true God is a God of life! The god of death is not the Creator God of the Bible.

So think about it: If God evolved humans over millions of years using death as a part of the process, and called that “very good,” then why not call the killing of babies in their wombs “very good” also! So why not pray to God and ask for His blessing to kill more babies!

Today, AiG researcher and writer Steve Golden has written a detailed article titled “An Abortionist’s Prayer—Asking the God of Life to Favor Death.” He will share more about this abortionist’s prayer. Steve states the following in his article:

Humanity was created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26–28), and that includes unborn babies. The Bible presents no line concerning when a human becomes a person made in the image of God; babies are in the image of God from the moment of fertilization. Therefore, the choice to abort an unborn baby is not a “blessing.” No, abortion is a marring of the image of God in a human being. It is the embrace of death rather than life.
I encourage you to read this entire article posted to the AiG website today, and pray that God would convict those who worship the god of death and bring them to surrender fully to the God of life—the true God, the Creator God, the God who sent his Son to step into history to suffer death and be raised from the dead so that those who trust in Him for salvation will have eternal life with Him.

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