Grand Canyon Observations

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We have many staff members who are continually traveling around America and overseas to present biblical truths in a variety of settings. A week and a half ago, our staff astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner once again was a leader of a raft trip down the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon. In the evening, using his portable but powerful telescope (a Questar 3.5 inch), he was able to give talks on how astronomy points to the accuracy of the Bible and to the fact that our world is obviously created. He also did daytime programs of solar observations.

Dr. Faulkner wrote a blog post about his trip to the Grand Canyon on one of AiG’s raft trips, coordinated with our friends at Canyon Ministries of Arizona.

Here is a fun photo of Dr. Faulkner jumping from a 30-foot high cliff into the Colorado River:

Juming into Colorado River

And here is a photo of some of the raft participants engaging in solar observations:

Sun-spotting in Grand Canyon

Each year, we cohost three to four raft trips down the Colorado River in conjunction with Canyon Ministries. They have posted a schedule of 2014 raft trips, including three cohosted by AiG (one in April and two tours in June). Some of these rafts fill very quickly, so check on them now.

Dr. Faulkner directs our Stargazer’s Planetarium programs inside the Creation Museum, plus he oversees our Johnson Observatory—with its two 16-inch telescopes (and other powerful telescopes). Dr. Faulkner also is the producer of our new planetarium show called Fires in the Sky at the museum, a program on comets which we just released a few months ago.

Follow the link to find out more about our museum’s astronomy programs.

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