The World—Out to Get Your Kids

by Ken Ham

A recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette should be a warning to Christians about how the world is out to “get your kids”—and how Christians need to be vigilant to rescue them from this evil age (Galatians 1:4).

We read the following at the beginning of the article:

During an Advanced Placement biology course in Easton Area High School, Jennifer Estevez's teacher sped through the large chapter on evolution, focusing on one formula for the AP exam and the basics: survival of the fittest and natural selection.

In those high school years in Northampton County, she also would attend a Baptist leadership retreat where a speaker denounced evolution as false, unproven science.

Seemingly unimportant and even discredited, evolution fell off her radar. So the Easton student, who is a Baptist, arrived at Duquesne University last fall considering herself a creationist, a person who generally believes God created the world as described in the Bible.

But a college biology course convinced her that evolution was valid science with overwhelming evidence that all living things, including humans, evolved most likely from a common ancestor -- over a period of millions, even billions, of years longer than that described in Genesis.

This article should be a warning to parents that the dollars you spend to send your children to college are an investment in their eternity, and if you send them to the wrong school, the professors can indoctrinate them in anti-God ideas and undermine all you’ve tried to do as a parent. (By the way, select a college that does stand uncompromisingly on the authority of God’s Word at All the schools listed have affirmed the Answers in Genesis statement of faith. I also encourage you to read my book Already Compromised to learn more about what is being taught in Christian institutions.

Much of the newspaper article’s remaining content illustrates how secularists don’t want teachers to have academic freedom—they don’t want the belief in evolution and millions of years to be questioned in any way. They want evolution and millions of years protected by legislation and taught as fact to every student. Really, they are trying to legislate it so that every teacher will impose the religion of naturalism or atheism on every student in the public schools.

Sadly, we read this statement in the article:

Many scientists and religious leaders say there's no conflict in people believing in both a scientific and religious explanation of the origins of humans and other species. Fundamentalist Christians who read Genesis as scientific fact typically reject evolutionary theory.
This is a major problem today—the secularists are using church leaders who compromise God’s Word with the secularist religion of evolution and/or millions of years for their own anti-God purposes!

The article continues as follows:

Science is firm on its truth. The National Academy of Sciences puts evolution in the category of such scientific facts as the Earth orbiting the sun, living things being made of cells and matter being composed of atoms.
This is the typical false teaching that is confusing historical science and observational (operational) science. It’s an attempt to intimidate people so that they will believe evolution and millions of years as fact. We can look up into space and observe the earth—and the sun. We can look down microscopes and see cells and study them.  But, we can’t observe molecules turning into life, reptiles evolving into birds, etc.

The article then quotes Duquesne University biology professor David Lampe, who organizes the university’s Darwin Day celebration each February. Now, Lampe professes to be a Christian, but all he’s really doing in the long run is helping the secularists. This professor celebrates Darwin, so we shouldn’t be surprised at what the article states:

The continued debate against long-proven scientific principles is a shame, he said, which can do damage to children and their educational prowess.

“Everyone is capable of understanding evolution. There is no reason to dilute or confuse it. Evolution is the greatest thing in science.”

As a Darwinist, he does not want evolution questioned at all. This view should be a warning to all parents that secular institutions (and sadly many Christian institutions) teach the religion of evolution and/or millions of years as fact, as happens in most of the public school system. Yes, the secularists are out to get your kids!

Read the entire article on the Post-Gazette website.

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