Atheists Lash Out at a Christian School

by Ken Ham on April 30, 2013

Recently, a South Carolina Christian school has come under attack for having biblical creation in its curriculum. The controversy was the result of a parent from the school showing a friend a copy of his daughter’s dinosaur quiz, and that friend took a photo of it and posted it on the Internet. The questions on the quiz were based on an Answers in Genesis DVD that was shown at the school.

Today’s lead article on the Answers in Genesis website covers this issue in more detail—I have provided a link to it below. But before reading the article, take a look at the following quotes to give you an idea of some of the things that have been said by secularists who are undertaking this attack on Blue Ridge Christian Academy. The school received some vicious emails from atheists.

Many atheists are outraged over the fact that a Christian school is teaching biblical creation. Many of them didn’t believe that the question sheet was real, while others called the school irresponsible and ignorant for teaching that God’s Word is trustworthy. Some of the comments have been incredibly nasty. I’ve included a few below to give you an idea (though I’ve left off the web links because these atheist sites often have very objectionable content), with vulgar words removed as indicated by brackets:

Science is not trivial. If the school fails at science THIS dramatically (giving wrong information is worse than giving no information), how good they are with other subjects hardly makes up for it . . . I won’t get into a religious debate here but religion is not science and does not help us know about the natural world. The Bible is a [word removed] textbook on nature. Belief is not scientific and does not belong in a science class.
This science test was originally posted on r/atheism. picked it up thinking it was a hoax. Surely, no one with their wits about them would teach a child these things. Sadly, this is an actual test. This is what passes for “science” in at least one Christian school.
I truly fear for humanity.
See... I knew it.... and it's from old hammy boy with his dino's of eden [word removed]... It is a private christian school so you can't really do anything but what the dad is doing.... and that's take his daughter out... BUT how can you say that a child's education is compatible with the standards of other educational institutions when they are being taught this [word removed].
Even my own Facebook post on this controversy was flooded with nasty comments from atheists. These atheists have willfully suppressed the truth that there is a Creator and that His Word is true. We need to sincerely pray that these people will come to repentance and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

Please read our lead article on this sad situation.

Homeschool Family Also Under Attack

Another case that Christians should be very concerned about regards the Romeikes, a German homeschool family that is asking for asylum in America. A judge in Tennessee granted them asylum from the persecution they were experiencing in Germany because they were homeschooling their children. However, we should closely monitor how the Obama Administration’s lawyers are appealing that judge’s ruling. A decision against the Romeikes could threaten our ability to bring up our children, including homeschooling them. I encourage you to read yesterday’s lead article on the Romeikes and to pray for this family.

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Note: I thank Steve Golden for his assistance in writing this blog post.

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