Visit the Garden of Eden?

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Well, the Garden of Eden must have been a beautiful place—that is, before sin changed everything! And of course the Flood of Noah’s day totally destroyed the pre-Flood world, including the Garden of Eden.

We can’t visit the Garden of Eden today, but you can visit the spectacular gardens at the Creation Museum instead and, despite a fallen world, get a sense of the beauty of God’s creation.

For many fans of the Creation Museum, the next four weeks are the best time of the year to visit. Not only do they avoid the possibility of some long lines during the summer months, but they can also enjoy the gorgeous gardens that are coming into full bloom. The entire botanical gardens become quite lush.

Here are two photos of the driveway leading into the Creation Museum, showing many tulips and other flowers in bloom:



Here is a couple strolling through the colorful botanical gardens:


Another photo was taken at the back of the AiG offices and near the lake’s gazebo:


Also, we are installing a zip line across the lake in front of the museum. Imagine my surprise last week when I returned from speaking ministry to see a construction worker zip by right in front of the window I was standing at! We’ll share more about the zip lines and their purpose in a future blog post.


Also, the trails through our botanical gardens are looking better than ever!

Plan your trip at Remember, every ticket is now a two-day ticket, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself over two consecutive days at the museum and our grounds. (By the way, a thank you to Deb Minnard, Marty Minnard, and Mark Looy for sending me the photos they took.)

Today’s Lead Article—A Chilling Case Regarding Religious Freedom

I strongly encourage you to read today’s front-page article on our website about this chilling case involving homeschooling and religious liberty. It summarizes and analyzes the well-known Romeike homeschool case—a  German family that is asking for asylum in America. Although a judge in Tennessee granted them asylum for their persecution in Germany because they were homeschooling their children, we should be monitoring how the Obama Administration’s lawyers are appealing the judge’s ruling. A decision against the Romeikes could threaten our ability to bring up our children, including homeschooling them. To read the article, go to Homeschooled and Now Without a Home to School In?

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