Muslim More “Christian” Than Catholic Archbishop!

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A top-rated national TV program in my homeland of Australia called “Q & A” this past Monday featured a panel consisting of the following:

  • The Roman Catholic archbishop of Brisbane, Australia
  • The founding director of the Griffith University Islamic Research Unit (GIRU) and director of the Queensland node of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS)
  • A Tibetan Buddhist
  • A “gay” atheist
  • The artistic director of the Queensland Music Festival for the 2009 and 2011 programs
You can view the program below. It is worth watching the entire program, but I highlighted the following for you:

1. In the first eight minutes, the panel is asked about creation. The question posed by a person in the audience actually was a problem in itself, in that the person talked about the beautiful creation. But of course, all is not beautiful; there is beauty but also ugliness because a “very good” creation became marred by sin. But of course, that topic was never discussed. But the most striking part of this section in the TV program was that the Catholic archbishop totally rejected Genesis, thanked God for Darwin, and said God is only good for one thing! To me, the Catholic Archbishop seemed to almost show disdain for the Word of God, yet the Muslim spoke authoritatively and clearly showed he believes his Koran as authoritative. And he defended a literal Adam and a literal Eve. In fact, everyone except the Muslim leader seemed to be closer to the atheist in their beliefs, including the Catholic archbishop.

2. At the 44:25 point in the program, you will see a discussion on homosexuality. The Catholic archbishop, once again, talked around the issue, gave his opinions, and said nothing definitive. But when it came to the Muslim, he called homosexual behavior a sin and also discussed having compassion for the homosexuals. The Muslim spoke authoritatively and actually gave a much more “Christian” answer, if you will, than the archbishop who did not mention the word sin.

3. In the last section at 52:45, you will sadly hear the archbishop grappling for words to deal with the “gay” marriage issue. It’s because he does not speak with the authority of the Word of God. The archbishop just gave his opinions, and he ended up digging himself into a hole. The archbishop merely talked about the “wisdom of the ages”—whatever that is.

I encourage you to watch the three sections I highlighted—see the video below. If only Christian leaders (and Christians in general) would speak with the same sort of authority about God’s Word as the Muslim man did about the Koran, and the church wouldn’t be in such a mess as it is today.

You can watch the video below or on the TV program’s website.

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