Religious Freedom Under Threat

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Recently I wrote a blog post about a German homeschool family that has asked for asylum in the USA—but the current administration is opposing the request by the Romeike family. Sadly, the arguments the American administration is using could be utilized one day to close down homeschooling in America and restrict the overall religious freedom this country has enjoyed since its founding.

This homeschool situation was also discussed in an AiG News to Note item.

Now the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) is asking for help in the Romeike case. The HSLDA stated the following:

Homeschool Freedom Knocks at Obama’s Door

In just three weeks HSLDA will appear before the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to fight for homeschool freedom in a precedent-setting case that will impact homeschool freedoms at home and around the world.

Winning once, losing once, the Romeike family is now in court for the third time after fleeing homeschool persecution in Germany.

HSLDA’s plan to help the family includes two prongs:

  1. Our team of crack attorneys winning in the oral arguments in court.
  2. 100,000 of you signing this White House petition before April 18.
The White House has committed to respond to petitions that get 100,000 signatures. We need you and your friends (and your kids 13 and up) to go and sign this petition.

It does matter. Your signature does count.

The White House petition gives us an opportunity to get the attention of the Obama Administration and ask them to directly intervene and grant this family permanent legal status.

You have the opportunity to virtually rally with tens of thousands of homeschoolers “in front” of the White House. Homeschoolers have shown they are a mighty force to be reckoned with in the past—making phone calls and sending emails and letters, when parental rights and homeschooling freedom are on the line.

We’re asking you to stand for freedom again. With us. For the Romeikes. And for the future of homeschooling in America.

You can access the HSLDA petition page at this link. I would ask you to consider signing this petition and to share this blog post to as many people as possible.

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