Next ICC to be Held Next Year

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Every few years, our friends at the Creation Science Fellowship in the Pittsburgh area host a very ambitious science meeting called the International Conference on Creationism (ICC). I have just gotten word that the dates of August 4–8, 2013, have been secured for the next ICC.

The ICC has an excellent reputation for organizing the major creation-science conference held anywhere in the world, mostly because there is a peer-review process for its papers, and it is all very thorough. Each paper will eventually be published in the proceedings of the ICC.

Already, Drs. Georgia Purdom and Andrew Snelling of our staff will be presenting the findings of some of their original research in biology and geology.

I encourage those who have an interest in apologetics—whether or not they are a scientist, engineer, or layperson—to go to the ICC website of and find out more about the August conference in Pennsylvania.

Children’s Creationist Ministry in the East

I wanted to introduce you to another creationist outreach, which is largely reaching children, led by Steve Levinson of North Carolina. Steve has been giving talks for children for many years around the country, and he shared one of his presentations with the AiG staff recently. Although Steve is not one of our adjunct speakers, we wanted to let you know that he has his own ministry independent of AiG and other creation groups, and you are invited to find out more at  Check to see if his programs might be a good fit for your church or ministry.

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