Overheard in a Locker Room

by Ken Ham

I have stated many times that most of the criticism we receive as a ministry comes from those within the church, not from secularists and atheists. Our correspondence department indicates that the majority of letters, emails, and phone calls that pour into AiG every week comes from Christians who do not accept a literal, straightforward reading of the book of Genesis. They believe that science has forced us to reinterpret Genesis, and they criticize us.

The criticism from Christians happens so often that we (sadly) have now come to expect a steady stream of negative comments whenever we proclaim the truth of the history of Genesis. But when our supporters encounter anti-AiG sentiment, sometimes it stuns them. Read this summary of a fascinating encounter that occurred in an Idaho locker room from a shocked AiG supporter who had just spent some time being encouraged in his faith when he visited our Creation Museum in northern Kentucky:

I wanted to offer a word of encouragement.  I recently returned from visiting the Creation Museum.  I was at the gym, in the locker room, telling a pastor how great the museum was.  Pastor Jack asked me, "You believe in a literal 6 days?"

"Absolutely!" I replied.

Then out of nowhere, a man came around the corner who overheard our conversation said, "Ken Ham is a piece of c---."

This man went on to tell me that he has four degrees, studies fossils, bends light, is a Christian, and is a follower of Reasons to Believe and its president Hugh Ross.  But out of his same mouth he called a fellow Christian a piece of c---. There was no sign of the humble heart of a Christian.

I thought: You have got to be kidding me, right!?

I stood in my underwear arguing with this man (possibly a professor) about God being big enough to do what He said in Genesis.  I can't believe that I have fellow brothers and sisters wanting to side with "scientists".

This has been a real eye-opener for me.

I lead a men's morning study and I am very excited to take the men down this road. Thank you for the resources, and thank you for being willing to stand on God's Word while we have brothers and sisters scoffing at us.  May our God strengthen you in your work.

I am one of the millions of young people who was struggling with the idea of millions of years. But Ken spoke at my church in Boise, Idaho, 8 years ago, and God really used this AiG ministry to strengthen my faith.

Thanks again.

In Christ's grip,

– J.C., Boise, Idaho

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