Are Your Teens “Good Without God”?

by Ken Ham on November 21, 2012

Yesterday, I wrote about the American Humanist Association’s new website and ad campaign promoting atheism to our children. Today, I want to show you what they’re telling our teens on the section of the site called Teens Without God.

In 2009, Answers in Genesis contracted with America’s Research Group to conduct research into why the church is losing so many young people from this generation. The results showed that two-thirds of young people leave the church by the time they reach college age. Why? One main reason was a lack of training in apologetics. Our young people don’t know how to respond to the skeptical questions of this age! They have been taught—through public schools, media, and museums—that the Word of God is not trustworthy.

The results of this research are available in my book (co-authored with Britt Beemer) Already Gone.

Well, the Kids Without God site offers answers to teens’ questions about topics like evolution, sex, and morality—all from an atheistic worldview. There’s even a section on how to tell their families that they don’t believe there is a God!

Of course, this anti-God group capitalizes on pop culture to try to influence teens’ minds toward atheism by listing “atheist rock songs” and presenting a list of the most popular atheist actors.

Atheist Celebs

Atheist Celebs

On the “evolution” page, the authors essentially discount biblical creation as being on par with believing in a flat earth.

Almost nobody still argues that the world is flat, or that the sun revolves around the Earth, or that medical ailments can be cured with leaches or by drilling a hole in the patients skull … and yet while people have accepted that scientists are right about all of that, there remains an entirely bogus “controversy” about evolution.

There is no controversy among scientists that the theory of evolution is correct. 99.9 percent of scientists support the theory of evolution. And for good reason: the evidence for it is overwhelming.

But the “evidence” for evolution is not overwhelming. In fact, it’s the same evidence creationists have! As I’ve said many times before, and as it is clearly shown in our Creation Museum, it’s our worldview that makes the difference in interpreting scientific evidences. And the Bible is the only eyewitness account of the universe’s beginning and the only legitimate starting point of interpretation.

Furthermore, the above statistic of 99.9% clearly ignores the opinions of thousands of scientists around the world who hold the biblical creation view. A majority of scientists embrace evolution and millions of years, but it’s deceptive not to acknowledge the substantial number of scientists who see problems with evolutionary ideas.

The page on “sex and sexuality” directs teens to a couple of websites, including the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood site, for answers to their questions. And on the page about morality, teens are told that the Bible is not where we turn for answers to moral questions.

In constructing this morality humanists and other freethinkers don’t look to ancient books or supernatural revelations, but instead depend on the core principles of: the scientific method, compassion, and an egalitarianism that guides our sense of fairness. … As UU minister Kendyl Gibbons said, “If there is no personality governing the universe and promising us love, justice, and meaning on some ontological bottom line, then it is all the more necessary for us, flawed and finite as we are, to give love, to enact justice, and to build meaning here and now.”
Christian parents, are you providing answers to your teens’ questions using the authority of God’s Word as your foundation? The American Humanist Association is after our young people, and they are using every means necessary to win their hearts and minds. If our teens don’t know how to think critically about the claims made within the atheistic worldview, they won’t know how to respond—and they will likely fall prey to what the humanists are promoting.

I urge you to be preparing your children and your teens to face these claims and skeptical questions! Our Answers Book for Teens series is a great tool for doing this. There is no greater task for Christians today—as our new ministry theme declares—than to be “standing our ground and rescuing our kids” (see Galatians 1:4). In fact, we should be rescuing anyone heading to a Christ-less eternity.

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