Happy Thanksgiving from the “Land Down Under”

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I am so thankful that, despite the incredible opposition from within and without the church to the proclamation of the creation/gospel message, the Lord greatly encourages us daily in the ministry of Answers in Genesis. As I reflect on the many blessings that God has given AiG, perhaps the thing that touches me most is the positive feedback we continually receive from around the world—as people tell us how God has used AiG and the Creation Museum to affect their lives and ministries.

While we attempt to grow our creation/gospel outreach abroad (see my recent blog post), it always encourages me to know that there are Christians around the world who are using apologetics to defend the Christian faith and present the gospel. AiG has many friends in Israel, a nation much in the news right now as it has been coping with rockets being fired into it from Gaza and the prospect of all-out war in the region.

We have some ministry friends who live about 30 miles from Gaza and are within easy range of the rockets. When we found out that the family’s young son, Ezra, was a big fan of biblical apologetics, I sent him a copy of The New Answers Book 1 and autographed it for him. I wish you could see his full happy face in this picture, but for safety reasons we have blurred the photo.

And here is a scan of the thank-you letter that he sent to us. I hope it will bless you. His parents also wrote, “Thank you so much for the gift you sent our son Ezra. He was delighted beyond words, as I hope you will be able to tell from the photo. You are generous beyond words, and we are thankful. It wasn’t necessary, but it is very much appreciated! Thanks and God bless.”

Please pray for the situation in the Middle East and for the Christians who are living and ministering there, both in Israel and Gaza.

Staff Abroad

I thank God also for the many AiG staff who go abroad during their vacation time to engage in ministry. On Tuesday during our regular staff meeting, Dan Richardson and Marty Minnard talked about their recent trip to a remote, mountainous part of India and shared several photos with the staff. Their home church in northern Kentucky (Big Bone Baptist Church, pastored by my good friend Mike Jones) is partnering with sister churches in a very primitive part of India, where people desperately need to hear the gospel and also have some basic physical needs to be met.

I praise God for the many AiG and Creation Museum staff who do not see 5 PM as their time to leave the building thinking their personal ministry efforts are over. So many of them teach Sunday school in their churches, volunteer at various local charities, and each year a few of them head abroad and work in Third World countries.

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