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One of the highlights of an AiG ministry day is the chance to start off with prayer and Bible reading, and often listen to a special speaker. We not only share announcements with the staff, but we often go into Scripture, and on some days we pray for the needs of the ministry and also for people outside our four walls.

Our biggest prayer request is often for those Christians who are ministering overseas, sometimes in hostile situations. On some of our chapel days, we will bring in a missionary to share something about their evangelistic efforts abroad.

This week, we were thrilled to hear an encouraging message from Pastor David Barnhouse of Pennsylvania, who will be leaving in a few months with his family to Zambia, Africa. He’s already been to Zambia many times, and he told our staff that some of our AiG resources have been an absolute blessing to people living in some of the tribal areas of Zambia.

In particular, he is thrilled with our 15-minute film (which we show in the Creation Museum) titled The Last Adam. Pastor Barnhouse said that a Zambian audience (many of the people may not speak English) are riveted by watching the video, including scenes of Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. After showing the video, David or someone else will explain—sometimes in the tribal language—more about the video’s content, but their attention has already been captured.

David informed us that some of the fine gospel films that have been produced over the years presenting the life of Christ (in a variety of languages) are simply too long, and he mentioned that the production values are now somewhat outdated (though God continues to bless the showing of such films, of course).

I encourage you to find out more about Pastor Barnhouse’s new ministry venture in Zambia at the website,

David was thrilled to tell our staff that he has raised over 90% of his support and is now in the homestretch. He is a big booster of our Creation Museum, and looks forward to bringing more AiG and Creation Museum resources into Zambia to present the gospel. We made sure that he spent time with some of our key staff, and we also donated many of our newest resources for him to bring with him to Zambia as he moves there in a few months.

You can listen to his chapel message here:

David Barnhouse

Nathan, Ken, and David

Me with Pastor Barnhouse and his son Nathan

Here are some interesting photos Pastor Barnhouse shared with us:

Bible Institute

Bible Institute in Zambia that uses AiG materials

Bush Church

A bush church in Zambia

Bush Church

Another photo of the bush church

Barnhouse Family

Barnhouse family: David, Maggie, Nathan, Emily, Steven, David


Church going out to do bush evangelism, using AiG videos including The Last Adam


Doing more bush evangelism


As a result of bush evangelism, they are now planting a church

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