An Ark Raising?

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This past Thursday evening, I was in Amish country in Indiana for a special evening to share with people the vision for the Ark Encounter project and ways they can be a partner in this evangelistic outreach.

Ark Encounter

We were thrilled to be able to hold the special dessert evening in a unique building that was called the “Farmer's Market.” This is the largest timber-frame structure in the USA (built by Amish contractors). At the widest point it is as wide as Noah’s Ark; at its highest point it is as high as the Ark; and it is about half the length of the Ark. Here is a photograph I took of the building Thursday evening:

Farmer's Market

We had a great turn out for this program that was run in what used to be the Farmer’s Market:

Farmer's Market

Some of the same Amish people who built this wooden peg/timber-frame building are going to be a part of building Noah’s Ark. Praise the Lord for the phenomenal response from those present at this meeting to become a part of what I believe will be a powerful Christian witness for this nation and others around the world.

You Can Still Come To The Conference Next Week

Pastors and other Christian leaders can still register at the door for our “Answers for Pastors” conference that begins this Tuesday at the Creation Museum (September 18–20, 2012). Former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Johnny Hunt, will speak three times. You can find out more information about this conference at

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