Overcoming Compromise

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I am very encouraged by the number of testimonies we regularly receive from people who are influenced by AiG ministry and who are themselves helping to overcome compromise in the church (e.g., those who add evolution and/or millions of years to the Bible). Here are two recent examples.

1. From an Adult

The following is an encouraging email from a supporter in North Carolina:
I’m writing primarily to say “Thank you” for your earnest defense of the gospel—and its very origins—before a world increasingly antagonistic toward God’s revealed Word, and a church increasingly compromised in its attempts to harmonize the naturalistic and humanistic opinions of fallen, fallible people versus the supernatural and perfect Word of God.

I graduated from, and God used my years there to inform and deepen my respect for His Word. Some of the friends I made there, however, would appear to have embraced a compromised old-earth-and-evolution worldview: one friend recently wrote a favorable review of The Evolution of Adam. When I see such compromises being made, it breaks my heart.

Thanks in large part to AiG’s web resources, I’ve gained a better appreciation for this underlying fact: the “battle,” at its core, isn’t between science and faith. That’s a false dichotomy that provides a convenient brush with which “old earthers” (or anti-theists in general) can paint “young earthers” as less intelligent than themselves (if not outright stupid). I believe the real battle is between faith and faith: faith in fallen humans’ anti-supernatural bias or faith in the infallible creator God and what He’s revealed to us through His creation as interpreted according to His Word.

I wish I were financially able to support AiG, but the truth is we sometimes struggle to tithe to our local church. Instead, I will continue to pray for Answers in Genesis’ ministry as you continue to seek to expose darkened hearts to the light of God as He’s revealed it through His word and His creative work.

—B.G., N. Carolina

2. From a Child

Dear Ken Ham,

Our family took a trip in August to the Creation Museum. We have 4 children, ages 11, 10, 8, and 5. We send them to [a] Christian School ... Yesterday, my 11-year-old son in 5th Grade chose to not participate in a school activity in making a promotional video.

He was the only one in his class of about 20 kids not to want to be part of it. His teacher asked him what his reasons were…. He answered “I do not want to be part of promoting lies to other students.” She asked him “What lies?” He gathered up all his science textbooks (secular publishers) and dropped them dramatically in a pile infront of his teacher. He said, “The lies in these that speak about evolution and not creation.”

As parents, we should have seen this coming. He had been bringing his textbooks home and telling us about the subtle and not so subtle evolution concerns in his curriculum. We told him that if he felt offended, he needed to talk to his teacher first. And then if he felt unsupported, we would go and talk to his teacher. He respects his teacher and did not say anything at first to challenge her. But then when the opportunity arose, he grabbed it., After speaking with our school administrator, we all felt that most of the teachers at our school need some education and training on creation science. My opinion is they probably felt defensive. …

We are interested in helping educate our Christian school with some resources. We have limited funds though, and do not know how proactive the school will be in acquiring them on their own. Please let us know what you recommend. Thank-you, Ken, for instilling the truth in our children and preparing them for the world we live in—Christian schools are not excluded.

It is so great to know others are helping us in our mission call the church and Christian schools back to the authority of the Word of God.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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