Who Is the Real Giant?

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Debater and Writer Speaks at AiG Chapel

Every week we have at least one outside speaker address our staff for our morning chapel. On Tuesday, our guest pastor was not really an outsider, even though he pastors a church about 90 minutes north of us in Ohio. Pastor Jay Lucas has authored two books on presuppositional apologetics that we sell through our webstore and the Creation Museum bookstore, and he has a few friends on the AiG staff.

On Tuesday, he gave us a devotional from I Samuel 17, and then during the lunch hour, he conducted a “brown bag” lunch so that many of our research staff could hear a summary of his new book, The Rights Fight. Here is a photo of Jay with me holding his book after he spoke to our staff.

Jay Lucas

Jay Lucas

In addition to being a pastor, Jay also conducts (cordial) public debates with non-believers, including the well-known evolutionist/atheist, Dr. Will Provine of New York—he and Jay have actually developed a friendship, although their worldviews are very different.

Jay shared with me and others that next month he will be conducting a public debate at his alma matter—Binghamton University in New York. His debate opponent will be atheist Matt Dillahunty of Texas. Please pray for this outreach of Jay’s. One of the things I appreciate about Jay is that his interactions with skeptics are almost always friendly. He has a heart for reaching academics and politely challenging their presuppositional thinking. Take a look at his church website.

Jay gave a challenge to the AiG staff based on the passage of Scripture that details the account of David and Goliath. I have entitled his message, “Who Is the Real Giant?” You can listen to his 20-minute message below.

Who Is the Real Giant?

In South Carolina

I am in South Carolina (Spartanburg) for the next four days speaking at the “Teach Them Diligently” conference. I hope to see some of you there. For details about the conference go to teachthemdiligently.net.

For my schedule at the conference, you can also go to the event page on the AiG website.

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