It’s Almost Here—Don’t Miss It!

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It’s just about here—our first Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference.

Our outreach department gave me the following creative promotional text in order to get you to excite Christian leaders in your church about our upcoming Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference:

You know you work in children’s ministry if…
  • you like slime
  • you enjoy crawling around on your hands and knees … in your Sunday best!
  • you can sing any Bible verse to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell
It’s not too late to register for the upcoming Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference, March 22–23, right here in the beautiful new Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum. Answers in Genesis has put together a great line-up of speakers and resources to encourage and equip those who serve in the awesome area of children’s ministry.

You can also take advantage of two special bonus sessions on Friday night: previewing the new Sunday school/Bible study series, Answers Bible Curriculum.

RSVP by March 15 (Thursday of next week). Registration, by the way, includes a complimentary dinner.

To register, visit

Defended by a Bible Teacher

It is good to see Bible teachers who defend Answers in Genesis against those in the church who compromise God’s Holy Word with man’s fallible religion of millions of years. A Bible teacher from the Grace To You ministry in California recently wrote a blog stating the following:
During the course of my various exchanges with a classic apologist commenter, he directed me to an article written last July by Dr. Richard Howe, a professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

In that article Dr. Howe expresses his concern with the apologetic enterprise of Ken Ham in defending the Genesis narrative and ultimately the historic, Christian faith. He claims Ham's water-downed presuppositionalism utilized to make his presentations is bankrupt, fraught with problems, and is self-refuting. …

His critique, however, provides for us some practical insight into how woefully inconsistent and compromised classic apologists can be. I'll work my way through his main arguments and offer a rebuttal.

It is encouraging to see solid Bible teachers coming to the defense of those who stand on the authority of God’s Word, while around us is a sea of compromise in the church today. I encourage you to read the rest of his well-written blog post.

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