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It is exciting to see how people—in different ways—are not only teaching others about the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis, but are also supporting the outreaches of AiG. Here is a great account of how a homeschool parent and a group of kids learned about creation and the Flood, and also used the time to support an outreach that will reach millions of people with the gospel—the Ark Encounter, our full-size Noah’s Ark. I received the following email:

Last fall I had the opportunity to teach a class at our homeschool co-op using the Jonathan Park audio series. The students got to learn about topics such as fossilization, the first humans, and macroevolution versus microevolution. We enjoyed making crafts and doing activities to reinforce what we learned.

As a way to connect what they were learning to the efforts of creation ministries, the students raised money for the Ark Encounter project. They completed various chores at home and each week placed their coins into the class piggy bank which they affectionately named Dr. Bacon. At the end of the semester, the students rolled the coins and each guessed how much money they thought the class had raised. The coins were counted and the child who came closest to guessing the amount of money won Dr. Bacon. Timmy O. was the winner.

Our class is excited to offer this check in the amount of $156.25 to the Ark Encounter project.

Becky Patterson Strong Oaks Academy

Imaginary plane ride to the “The Adventure on the Aucilla River.”

Timmy O. holding Dr. Bacon.

Students with the money they raised.

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