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As I’ve shared many times already, I’m thrilled that we are getting very close to the release of our unique new apologetics-based Sunday school curriculum (Answers Bible Curriculum) that we plan to begin shipping this June. A teacher of fourth through sixth graders at a church in the Midwest—whom we asked to test Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) in his class—sent us an email yesterday (see below). ABC covers the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, chronologically, in three years, and has beautifully illustrated age-graded lessons for everyone from pre-school to adults. There is nothing else like this and I expect ABC will be used of our God to capture the hearts of many thousands of children who would otherwise be swept away from church as those of the Already Gone generation have been already. Here’s a quote from the teacher. I hope you are as encouraged as I am.

Just wanted to drop you a note to get an update on the curriculum. I personally taught the one quarter of curriculum that you provided to me . . . the children were very disappointed when I told them we were switching back to our other curriculum. I asked them what they liked about the ABC. . . . one of the things I picked up on was they said they learned more things. Things they hadn’t known before. Remember that this is coming from students who have been “churched” their whole life! . . . I would like to use ABC. Obviously I would like to get my hands on it ASAP – what is the earliest I could at least purchase the teacher books so I could start reviewing those?
Although it is still nearly five months before we will be able to start shipping Answers Bible Curriculum, you can visit the very basic website www.AnswersInGenesis.org/Answers-Bible-Curriculum that we have put up—and even download a sample lesson. A new, full-featured ABC website will be launched in a month or so, but get the basics now and help us make your church aware that Answers Bible Curriculum will be available soon!

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Dr. Gary Parker and I will be giving various presentations (including two special students for kids and teens) throughout the next three days in New Jersey—south of New York City. For details, go to this link.

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