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Next month, I will travel to Asia (Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia) to speak at an All-Asian creation apologetic’s conference on November 9–18—the first of its kind for that area of the world, to our understanding. Already, hundreds of Christian leaders from throughout Asia have registered to attend. You can find out more details at

I thought it very fitting that I am speaking at this All-Asian conference, considering a news report released this past Friday entitled “Christianity Experiencing Major Demographic Shift, say Scholars.”  In understanding the sovereignity of God, I believe this conference is very important for this time in church history to help Christian leaders know how important it is not to compromise the book of Genesis (and thus undermine biblical authority) with evolution and millions of years. We have seen that whenever the church begins to grow in once very “barren” spiritual areas and sees an awakening, those who compromise God’s Word will try to influence the Christian leaders to adopt such compromise—a tactic by the enemy (the Evil One) to try to derail the awakening occurring.

The recent article stated the following:

Scholars claim the biggest change in the history of Christianity is underway amid the religion's move to Africa, Latin America and Asia, according to Kim Cain writing for Ecumenical News International .

"The story of Christianity as a worldwide faith is being written before our eyes," declared Dana Robert of Boston University School of Theology, as she addressed a group of world church leaders at the Global Christian Forum (GCF) in Manado, Indonesia. . . .

According to Peter Crossing of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, in 1910 about 66 percent of the world's Christians lived in Europe; a century later it was only 26 percent. . . .

"Conversations about mission and witness have become an urgent agenda for declining mainline they struggle to reframe their identity in a global marketplace. At the same time, adherents of new ministries often see their witness as a recovery of primitive Christianity that challenges the older denominations," Robert said.

At Answers in Genesis, we have been saying for some time that Christianity is greatly waning in the West, which is related to a massive attack on biblical authority by the secularists. They have captured generations of young people from the mainline and even evangelical churches by indoctrinating them to believe the history in Genesis is not true, and as a result, they doubt and disbelieve the rest of the Scripture. Once again, I urge people to read the two books Already Gone and Already Compromised, which detail the compromise by church leaders and the doubt and unbelief occuring in generations of people who were brought up in the church.

At the All-Asian creation apologetics conference, I will be using what has happened in America (and the West in general) as a warning to the Asian church as it grows. I will challenge Christian leaders to stand against the rampant secular ideas that have infiltrated the church in the West, which has led to the spiritual deadness that now pervades these western nations.

You can read the entire article at this link.

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