Can God Call Someone to Be a Creation Scientist?

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It is so thrilling to hear of young kids who want to be creation scientists.  I have met so many of these youngsters at the Creation Museum.  God is certainly raising up those in the coming generations who will stand for the Lord and His Word.  Here is an exciting email we received this week:

. . . my family and I are Baptist missionaries serving on the island of Barbados, West Indies . . . For quite some time now, our ten year old son has had a great interest in science and the things around him.  The Jonathan Park audio series has helped to spur that interest.

This past summer during Vacation Bible School, he asked my wife, "Mom, can God call someone to be a creation scientist-- someone who preaches and teaches to defend God's Word and creation?"  She assured him that God could do so, and that we both would be very proud if God called him to be a creation scientist.

So it was a great thrill to our family when earlier this month we were able to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  It was further heightened when we were able to hear you speak and [our son was] able to take a picture with you!

We would appreciate so much your prayers that God would continue to lead in our son's life that God might use him in a way to bring honor and glory to Himself.

Yes, we do need to pray for God's continual leading in this young man's life (and the lives of so many other like-minded kids).

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