Intolerant Atheists in California

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A good friend of AiG’s in California purchased the building that the Institute for Creation Research owned before ICR moved to Texas. The creationist museum in Santee has recently been expanded. AiG’s Dr. David Menton was invited to speak at the special day to open the expansion. Well, 12 atheists decided to demonstrate outside the museum. We often find such people so intolerant of creationists.

In fact, there really are no atheists.The Bible makes it clear that everyone knows there is a God (Romans 1:20–21, 28) and that the law of God is written on their hearts (Romans 2:15).  Scripture also explains that those who rebel against God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). Why would these so-called atheists even care about creationists and one of their museums if there is no God? What does it ultimately matter? Well what matters is that they work hard to suppress the truth because in essence they are putting their hands over their ears and crying out,  “We refuse to believe. We reject God. We don’t want to hear. We refuse to listen.”  These atheists who were demonstrating against a creationist museum is all a part of their active suppression of the truth.

This “atheist” demonstration was reported on by the Christian Post news source. I have linked to the article below. I have quoted from the piece below with a few comments:

In the early afternoon, atheists from various parts of Southern California assembled in front of the museum located about a 20-minute drive from San Diego. Signs included one asking, “Why Hasn’t Evolution Eliminated Creationists?” Another sign held by an atheist stated, “Thou Shall Not Lie – Creationism is NOT Science.”
An atheist is telling people they should not lie? Since when can an atheist do that? You see, if there is no God and thus no absolute authority, then ultimately morality is relative. So everyone has a right to their own opinions, and such a person can’t insist someone else must have their “morality”—whatever that is!
Orange County atheist group leader Bruce Gleason, who organized the field trip for his “Backyard Skeptics” to the museum event, told The Christian Post that teaching creationism harms the country. “We think that creationism is actually dumbing down our kids and the United States,” Gleason said. “It’s dumbing down most every home school child in the South that is taught that God created the world instead of inspiring them to think more creatively.”
Amazing! Most kids go to public school and by and large generations of these children are being taught evolution as fact—creation is not allowed to be mentioned in the public schools. And this atheist claims the teaching of creation is “dumbing down our kids and the United States.” Actually, it’s the teaching of evolution that is not only “dumbing down our kids,” but indoctrinating them to believe they are just animals—with no purpose and meaning life.

You can read the entire article on the atheist protest on the Christian Post website.

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