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The Creation Museum is hosting our first-ever “Back to School Days” the entire month of August. I’m in Australia right now, but I was delighted to see this museum blog post. If you have children, or if you influence children, I urge you to take advantage of the museum’s fantastic one-of-a-kind activities, special events, “sneak peek” days (on the full-size Noah’s Ark we’re building), and excellent admission discounts that we have for you!

Read the post linked to above and see some of the great pictures there. However, I want you to be among the first to know—and see!—the very special Ark Encounter “sneak peek” room at the museum that we have just opened for a limited time. Students (and accompanying adults) who come during August can get into our huge Creation Museum and our children’s petting zoo, plus the beautiful gardens for half price. You will also be able to see a scale model of the actual Ark Encounter themed attraction that we are trusting the Lord to complete in 2014. There is so much to the biblically themed Ark Encounter attraction, and I want you to visit our sneak peek room with its artist drawings and posters (that are not available for viewing by the general public).

Of course the main reason for the Back to School Days month-long event at the Creation Museum is to equip students to be ready to stand firm in their faith against the onslaught of evolutionism that they’ll face the first day they return to school—and that they, of course, face virtually every day in the secular media. The museum has never before offered such a large variety and emphasis for students from grade school to college.

In addition to offering specially prepared talks—which will include some fascinating illusions by Dr. David Menton of our staff, special tips on navigating college by Dr. Jason Lisle, extra family-focused concerts by Buddy Davis, and numerous of my talks (hope I'm not too jet lagged!)—there will be extra discounts on resources and food. And it’s an opportunity to see the “most-feared” natural history museum in the world! (That’s the actual opinion of quite a few atheists and evolutionists who think the Bible is full of errors, and that we’re harming children by helping them to see that God’s Word is true!)

Take a look at the pictures at the blog post, print out the 50% off coupon, and then plan an end-of-summer family trip to the beautiful rolling hills of northern Kentucky and to our museum—just 20 minutes southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio! I’ll be back from Australia this week, and hope to see you soon here at the museum.

Drawing Students

Some young people, who are friends of the daughter of one of our bookstore workers Rose Keilholz, toured the Creation Museum. Ages 10, 11, and 12, these young people drew some depictions of their museum experience.

With school starting up later this month throughout the United States (some schools begin in September), I’ve been thrilled to see so many young people coming through the museum this summer—especially those who have been exposed to evolution and billions of years in their public schools, TV programs, etc. and may have been questioning the accuracy of the Bible.

Here are their drawings.

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