Newest Country in the World—South Sudan

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Dr. David Crandall, AiG Director of our Answers Worldwide department, has provided this exciting news:

Answers in Genesis watched with interest as the independence ceremony recently took place in Juba, South Sudan. It was the founding of a new and free country in Africa. This new nation officially joined the world’s nation-states on July 9. The street celebration, as seen on TV, was jubilant as the nation was birthed and the people celebrated their first breath of freedom.

Most people are aware that the fledgling republic achieved formal independence after a bloody and long struggle. Most of the eight million population are Christians and are from Muslim-dominated Sudan.

AiG congratulates this infant democratic nation as the people struggle to get established on the African continent. Well-known evangelical leader Franklin Graham played a major role in helping to establish South Sudan, and he was present at the independence ceremonies.

The churches and Christian community there now have freedom to worship the Lord as well as to receive and distribute Christian literature. AiG Answers Worldwide, led by Dr. David Crandall, is in contact with nationals in South Sudan and is in the process of sending 5,000 copies of various AiG booklets for mass distribution. The booklets, many written by Ken Ham, address the very issues that Christians in Africa face today.

We will continue our alliance with the Christian community in this new nation and supply AiG resources to reach and teach these very courageous people.

Please be in prayer that God’s people in this country will now use their freedoms to reach their people and surrounding nations. AiG is committed  to provide help for the Church of Jesus Christ in South Sudan.

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